Thursday, October 13, 2011

Husker Mug Rugs

I met this wonderful woman who offered to teach my daughter and I to quilt. So I took some time off blogging and making jewelry and got busy quilting. I had tried sewing once before and that was years ago to make a shirt for my sweet Grandpa Jim. I did that with the help of my mom. Well it just was to hard so I never tried again until recently.  Now I'm absolutely in love with sewing and quilting.  Projects so far: one twin sized Log Cabin Quilt, many Mug Rugs, and my daughter made her very own Wall Quilt.  Photos coming soon! 

Mug Rugs?  They are mini quilts.  You can use Mug Rugs as a coaster or a little place mat.  The ones pictured here are my most recent. I had made a few before using cheater binding but was not to happy with them so I decided for these I'd use double fold binding.  And I was much happier with these.

I bought all this Husker material before I knew I was moving to Oklahoma.  So as soon as we are more settled into the new place I will be making some more to sell at my Etsy Shop.  The two pictured here are SOLD already. 

(1) Backing Piece
(1) Front----Patchwork Scrap
(1) Strips for Binding
(1) Batting Piece
Coordinating thread

Size:  There's no wrong size.  You can make it however small or large you want.

Back of Mug Rug

Back of Mug Rug
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  1. I knew you had that sewing talent in you could you not? Awesome job. I'm going to need a set made for me. I'll get with you on what I want.